Swedish Aircraft Museum

Several weeks ago we received an enquiry from a Swedish aircraft museum. At that time they were building three radial engine replica aircrafts. The time had come for them to...

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Kent and Sussex Crematorium

We recently received an unusual request from the Kent and Sussex Crematorium at Royal Tunbridge Wells – apparently they wanted their own custom made, flower containers...

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Sky TV visits Metspin Limited

Sky TV Documentary producers invited Metspin’s MD, Mr. Nigel Cousins, to join several other leading figures in the UK’s manufacturing industry, to take part and air their...

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Farnborough Main Picture

Farnborough Air Show

Once again all eyes are focussed on this iconic air show held at Farnborough every year, this is a show where many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers take great...

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Rolls Royce Sabre Certificate Awarded to Metspin Ltd

For the past year or so Rolls Royce have been performing an in depth review of all their approved suppliers, this is because the Rolls Royce standards and requirements have become...

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Poisonous Gas Filter Shipment

A shipment of stainless steel metal spun air filtration cases, used in the extraction of toxic poisonous gases and fumes are having their final visual inspection check over, to...

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Unique Custom Designed Kitchen Lighting

All over the country many kitchen and corporate hotel designers are pushing the boundaries of lighting extravaganza, as the sizes and designs get more challenging, it requires the...

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Richard Noble’s Visit

Once again Richard Noble calls upon the unique expertise of Metspin Master Craftsman. This time Richard Noble’s private aircraft has been grounded due to a disintegrating...

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Thrust SSC

“Where do you go to get parts made like this? Who has the knowledge, skills and expertise in the art of metal spinning? Who can design and manufacture all the tooling that...

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Rolls Royce - Metspin Accreditations