AS9100 Rev:C Accreditation

Slowly but surely many companies are becoming aware of the necessity and importance of becoming an aerospace approved AS9100 rev:C accredited company, many of the European and American principle aerospace component manufactures can only place orders with suitably approved sub-contractors holding AS9100 Rev:C, to achieve this accreditation places considerable demands on all personnel within the company and in many instances the working practices and structure in the company may have to dramatically change usually for the better.

SGS_AS 9100_UKAS_2014_TCL_HR

Here at Metspin Ltd manufacturing facilities in Southbourne, Hampshire, concerns were being raised by our major aerospace and nuclear customers regarding the necessity of obtaining the top AS9100 Rev:c approval so as to facilitate to continuance of us supplying precision component parts and flow formed spinning’s that are destined for Rolls Royce or Airbus prime sub-contractors.

For many years now many of these customers have had access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise Metspins metal forming specialist and consultant Mr Nigel Cousins who has more than fifty years hands-on experience.

For Metspin Ltd to remain one of the forefront suppliers of metal spun components wheels were set in motion to take on board the demanding challenge in obtaining the much coveted AS9100 Rev:C accreditation, virtually every manufacturing aspect had to be addressed over the following ten months to taylor our manufacturing operations to suit the new AS9100 Rev:C standard, having already achieved the ISO9001 standard many years ago gave us a good foot hold with the basics but there were many areas that would have to be completely transformed.

As with most challenges there were times when things became very stressful but everyone involved remained totally focused on achieving the desired goal and eventually it was time for the final audit, it is said to be very rare for applicants to “sail” through the stage two audit with no non-conformities and as Metspin only received one minor non-conformance the management team were elated to say the least, the non-conformance was quickly corrected and the company was awarded with the AS9100 Rev:C certificate.

Metspin Ltd are one of only three companies holding the AS9100 Rev:C standard for metal spinning in the UK and we can provide all our existing and new customers with the complete confidence that we operate to the highest standard of excellence.