Farnborough Air Show

Once again all eyes are focussed on this iconic air show held at Farnborough every year, this is a show where many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers take great pride in exhibiting their commercial, civil and military aviation wares. Many aircraft take to the skies to thrill the spectators who are amazed at the displays as each aircraft as it is put through its paces, on the ground in the exhibition halls there are many manufacturers and suppliers of all types of component parts who play a crucial part of being able to supply the intricate state of the art component parts.

Companies from all over the world including the United Kingdom, Europe, America and Asia are all present to display their ranges of servicing, it is here that Metspin Ltd.’s range of unique metal spinning services are in demand, various aerospace companies that manufacture jet engines and other components requiring precision flow formed or precision metal spun sub contract work are fully catered for by Metspin Ltd, these parts may only be a small but vital component of a much larger assembly but by having access to a bespoke company who have the expertise, knowledge and forming skills with the capability  to supply an on time in full service is a very comforting reassurance for major manufacturers  and their purchasing managers.

Over the past years Metspin Ltd have established their selves as one of the most versatile UK based metal spinning companies, Metspin’s well-earned reputation has been built on their dedication and commitment to provide customers with the most comprehensive range of services.

When it comes to flow forming, shear forming and power PNC metal spinning many design teams need guidance and assurance in being informed of the advantages of these processes over alternative methods of manufacture, here at Metspin’s offices all aspects of what is required and also what is involved can be fully explained and discussed in an informal meeting held around our conference table, for many of our prospective customers, being able to have processes explained to them in a way that they can relate to is most helpful indeed.

Here at Metspin we metal spin all aerospace alloys and steels including Hastelloy X, Titanium T2, Inconel, Monel, jet heat Nimonic, MU Metal.

To give our much valued customers complete confidence we are one of only a handful of metal spinners who hold approvals from many of the UK’s premier companies including Rolls Royce Sabre and when combined with our ISO9001:2015 certificate we are fully accredited.

In addition to our aerospace involvement we are also very active in the nuclear waste container industry supplying drum bins and containers as well as gas-oil and air filtration fittings, more information can be found on our website www.metspin.com

Our senior consultant has spent a life time in the metal spinning industry where he has gathered a wealth of metal spinning experience and knowledge, all enquiries will be acknowledged and dealt with in a professional manner, your enquiry is important to us, we welcome all opportunities to quote you for your requirement.