Poisonous Gas Filter Shipment

A shipment of stainless steel metal spun air filtration cases, used in the extraction of toxic poisonous gases and fumes are having their final visual inspection check over, to ensure that they are all fit for purpose and are ready for shipment to the Middle East.

Metspin’s MD, Mr. Nigel Cousins, personally inspects and checks his companies manufactured products to make sure that the standard of workmanship meets his high standards. Nigel is extremely well known in the metal spinning profession and is regarded as one of the trades most knowledgeable craftsmen – he has a vast knowledge of manual and PNC automatic spinning, along with Flow Forming and Flow Turning.

Nigel is one of a handful of highly skilled Leifeld trained setter operators and holds a diploma presented to him by the Leifeld academy. Nigel’s knowledge of spinning Hastelloy X, Jet Heat Nimonic 625, Inconel, Tantalum, Titanium, Mumetal and many other aerospace alloys is endless.

Metspin holds many high profile aerospace company approvals, including Rolls Royce. Metspin currently hold the ISO 9001-2015 accreditation.