A Major Jet Engine Development Project

A Major Jet Engine Development Project

There are only a very few UK based Metal Spinning Companies who have the extensive knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship and technical know-how who can handle the entire manufacture of such high profile components.

Here at Metspin our Metal Forming Technicians discuss with our customer’s Designers and Project Engineers every aspect of their requirement. Many areas are fully discussed and agreed, such as tooling types to be used, material specifications to be worked and formed, tolerances to be maintained, projected manufacturing lead times for tooling completion and for component availability. All these areas are extremely important to our customer.

We have taken as an example a recent £80,000.00 project that we have successfully completed for one of our principle customers. Before we can manufacture any component the tooling has to be designed. In this project we had to design a range of iron castings starting from a cone profile up to castings weighing 3 tons and being 1800mm in diameter by 400mm deep. All castings have to be carefully designed to take into consideration weight, balance and durability.

Once the castings have been manufactured our machining division takes over the task of machining these sizable tools using DXF Data-files which is fed into the various machining centres that are used in the making of such tools. On completion the tools are dimensionally checked and then they are dynamically balanced. At this stage each tool is part numbered and weighed, and the appropriate lifting locations are established. Once all the tooling has been manufactured each in turn is loaded up onto the main forming machine to check all X and Y axis movements as it is essential that each tool runs perfectly true.

The time has now come to fit the developed nimonic cones up onto their respective tooling. Some cones will require further vacuum annealing before final forming can be completed. Metspin’s experienced craftsman achieves the exact profiles that he has to obtain, However, the most crucial part of the whole programme has now arrived as the most critical requirement for our customer is that it is essential that a continuous unhindered smooth surface is maintained so the flow of air into the engine is unaffected, therefore each component has to be cut to the exact dimension corresponding to its mating part, and there are five parts that have to be finally assembled and joined together, so there is no room for any mistakes to be made at any stage.

Finally, when all the various component parts have been manufactured, our Quality Control oversee the First Article Inspection Procedures and then raise and complete the appropriate Release Notes and Delivery Documentation.