Metspins quality objectives are mandated throughout the company in all aspects of product realisation and inspection in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, with this major Quality accreditation in combination with our Rolls Royce Sabre certificate we can ensure our customers receive the best quality and performance for their requirements, these accreditations combined with the very latest in Production control software (Tricorn Production) complete the full manufacturing and QMS package.

Metspin Ltd hold the following Aerospace approvals that permit them to provide the following range of Metal Spinning services, Precision Manual Spinning, PNC Automatic metal Spinning and Flow Forming.

Holding these approvals enable us to provide the UK and European principal sub-contractors with their precision metal spun component parts.

A small selection of companies supplied by us:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Accrofab Ltd
  • GE Aviation
  • Beagle Aerospace
  • Doncaster Bramah
  • Doncasters Shrewsbury
  • Gardners Aerospace
  • Fowlers of Bristol
  • Eaton Aerospace
  • PFW Aerospace
  • SPS Aerostructures
  • Meggit Aerospace
  • JS Chinn Ltd
  • Unison Aerospace
  • CW Fletcher
  • NFF Precision

Our Approvals

ISO 9001:2015 GB15/842425
Rolls Royce SABRe/90130
BAE Systems ACO/MLT/JJH/3958
Honeywell * N668
Eaton * M19894
Aerostructures Hamble * AHL/695
SPS Aerostructures 88130
Meggit MQAG/2012/D/MCSD/122
Paradigm Precision M000024
Aquila Nuclear Engineering * AQP10

Approvals with an asterix against them indicate we are approved for supplying our own materials, all others are free issued materials.