Detailed Hand Metal Spinning

The hand metal spinning Process we use has been preferred by the Aerospace industry for many years, some of the most advanced components used in the modern aircraft of today can still only be made by this process due to the specific characteristics of aerospace alloys, components ranging from WW2 Spitfire parts to Tornado jet fighters and Lynx helicopters fall in our area expertise.

We have four main categories of hand metal spinning ranging from category 4 general/commercial spinning up to category 1 Aerospace spinning, precision metal products including: jet nose cones, stainless steel drums, microwave antenna, lighting, architectural creations are just a few of our large portfolio.

Our metal spinners undergo a rigorous training schedule that’s based on years of experience on a one to one basis from dedicated time served training staff to ensure our future in the metal spinning industry, this training may take three to five years to complete and new metal spinners can only advance after very stringent inspection of completed work.

Tooling is another one of our key areas of expertise as we make all of our own tooling/fixtures in house enabling us to pass on the saving in tooling cost to our customers, large tooling up to 2 mtr can also be catered for using forgings or castings, cad files for required tooling can be used or just a basic drawing or DXF file, composite material can be used for lower cost tooling, we can even modify a customer’s tooling if required or we may have old tooling that is almost the right tool for your job.

So whatever your requirement, if it needs to be made using the metal spinning process, we can make it for you in the most cost effective way.

Precision Hand Spinning Hampshire