High Quality Seam Welding.

Our SAF seam welder produces continuously welded seams on cylinders up to a length of 1000mm with a maximum diameter of 800mm, the smallest diameter this machine can accommodate is 200 mm and with a material thickness of 1.2mm up to 5mm in both stainless steel and mild steel it is the ideal method of producing almost flat and uniform welds, welding technology in use by the SAF welder is Tig and Plasma so most materials are catered for.

If a more refined seam weld is required we can offer a seam weld planishing service, to further complement our SAF seam welder we have an automatic seam weld planisher with the same capacity as the SAF (1000mm X 800mm), this machine operates under high pressure and runs a smoothing roller over the entire length of the weld producing a flush, crevice free finish which when polished is practically invisible, this finish is preferred by our nuclear waste container and medical waste container customers and also for the food and filtration industries.

If you have a requirement for this type of work give us a call or use the contact details on this page for a no obligation quote or further information.

Seam Welding Hampshire